7 Unique Home With Grass Roof Ala Scandinavia

Unique Home With Grass Roof Ala Scandinavia

The house is unique Scandinavian people have built not without reason. Almost all the roof floor was filled with green grass. House for green roofs is proved to have many benefits when summer and rainy season.

Bak a house in a fairy tale, these houses look simple but still refreshes the eye. Even if the position is among the surrounding hills, this unique house will be camouflaged as if not as a place to stay.
This house has several advantages diataranya capable of absorbing rain water during the rainy season, whereas during the summer, with a roof of grass this crate was able to sun so as to keep the temperature in the house remains cool and cold.
Some houses like this could have faced in Iceland to Norway. Every year even held competitions to determine the best eco-friendly house with a roof of grass or vegetation. You are keen to build a house like this?








With the concept of a house like this, Scandinavians can save electricity for air conditioning usage. And environmentally friendly because the water can be absorbed directly so it really is beneficial to the environment.

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