Sunset View Top 7 Places In Bali

Sunset View Top 7 Places In Bali

Sunset View Top 10 Places In Bali

One attraction of Bali tourism attractions located on the beach, especially beaches have white sand. Many tourists say, if a vacation to Bali not visit Kuta beach, it does not feel the holiday in Bali. This may be true, because I have noticed, every day Bali Kuta beach was very crowded with tourists visiting Indonesia.

List of 10 Best Places Viewed Sunset In Bali

On this page, I write for readers 10 best place to see the sunset in Bali, I select from 38 coastal locations see the sunset in Bali. A list of 10 places see the best sunset in Bali, please readers see below!

1. In Tanah Lot Beach
In Tanah Lot Beach

The uniqueness and the scenic beauty of the sunset on the beach Tanah Lot temple located on the silhouette. Because of the unique and beautiful, made me put the sights of the sunset on the beach Tanah Lot, in the category of best sunset locations in Bali.

2. Jimbaran Beach
Jimbaran Beach

Bali Jimbaran beach is very popular as a romantic dinner in Bali, which is usually preferred honeymoon couples. Because on Jimbaran beach waterfront dining available, serving grilled seafood menu, with a typical sauce Jimbaran Bali.

Where to eat in Jimbaran beach or more familiar called by the name of Jimbaran grilled seafood cafe, more crowded with tourists during the afternoon. Because visitors can enjoy dinner by the beach while watching the sunset view.

3. Kayu Putih Canggu Beach
Kayu Putih Canggu Beach

In the evening at sunset, the silhouette of a wooden bridge looks very beautiful. Moment the scenic beauty of the sunset with the silhouette of a wooden bridge, are often sought after by many young people, to take a photo. Not to know the location of the beach Kayu Putih Canggu, please click the link below to see a map of Kayu Putih Canggu Beach location on a Google Map.

4. Uluwatu

Uluwatu Temple one of the famous tourist attraction in Bali, offering temple with a unique location, on the edge of high cliffs with views of the expanse of the southern ocean. In addition as a tourist attraction, in the outer regions are staging location Uluwatu Temple Kecak dance is more familiar with the term Kecak Uluwatu.

5. Dreamland Beach
Dreamland Beach

White sand beaches are clean with a mild abrasive grains, ideal place to relax let alone available rental place sundeck with umbrellas. Location of Dreamland beach facing west, making Dreamland beach to be one of the best spot to view the sunset view from the waterfront.

6. Tegal Wangi Beach Jimbaran
Tegal Wangi Beach Jimbaran

Tegal Wangi Jimbaran beach is still in the category of hidden beaches in Bali, because of the access road to the beach Tegal Wangi Jimbaran, many who do not know. But lately been busy with tourist traffic.

Tegal Wangi Jimbaran beach is renowned as one of the locations in Bali pre wedding photos, because it has white sand beaches are clean and spot the best view of the sunset like a photographer.

7. Balangan Beach
Balangan Beach

The uniqueness of Balangan beach is located on the cliff and the stretch of land filled with coconut trees in the coastal area. If the reader of this diareal sitting, looking at the sunset view, it will show the uniqueness and beauty of the view of the sunset on the beach Balangan.

Balangan beach area is popular with foreign travelers to marry beachfront location, the event featured a dinner by the beach with a view of the sunset.

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